Who is Advanced Pharma?

Advanced Pharma CR (APCR) is a dedicated Phase I-IV Clinical Research Facility. We are located within the City of Miami’s Health district, the second largest in the nation, in the architecturally “green” University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park. Our location bolsters our relationships with many Specialists and Sub-Specialists and serves as a magnet for attracting a high volume of volunteers while providing a state-of-the-art facility for Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, and Medical Device Industries.


Our Medical Staff

APCR’s Principals have participated in Phase I clinical trials since 1992. Our team has 50-plus years of combined Research experience in over 1,000 Phase I trials. Our Multi-specialty Physician Investigators enable APCR to engage in multiple aspects of Phase I Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, and Medical Device trials.

Our historical patient data confirms that we have outstanding recruitment, enrollment requirements and trial completion percentages.